How we do it

We are transforming ideas into products. To do this we hand-crafted our own philosophy of working and strive to put things in order (for us and for our clients) by custom tailoring our own project management framework.


Our philosophy is to “Divide and Conquer” and not in the negative sense of the proverb. We divide projects into small bits - tasks and then get these tasks conquered by experts in the corresponding field. We do not hire one-man-shows.

There is a story in our country about and old man who wanted to teach his sons how important it is for them to get along. To do this he gave them both a bunch of tree branches tied together and ask them to break the bunch… None of them could do it. Then he told them to untie the bunch and start breaking the branches one by one. It was so easy.

The moral of the story is the strength of a good relationship, but being creative as we are we deducted a sub-moral of the story and voilà our philosophy was born!

4D framework

Every successful project needs good management. During our existence we came up with an overall project management framework conviniently named 4D (discover, design, develop, direct).

Our clients usually come to us with an idea and we need to do our magic and transform this idea into a product. To do this we take the idea and put it in our 4D machinery. Than the idea starts transforming along its way to becoming a usefull product. This lifecycle is divided in 4 stages which help us focus on the tasks at hand. There is more information about each stage and what it covers in the graphic bellow.

This model is universal so we can apply it to any project weather it is a corporate identity development, a web project or an advertising campaign.


We want to be free to do stuff our own way but computers and browsers are a bit stupid. They follow rules!

Makes sure that your website or application works and looks the same in all browsers.

We are still in process of implementation, but once we have it it will guarantee that we know what we are doing, every time we do it.

Top secret! Can only be seen by aspiring ninjas who join our team. For you it gurantees that the code that goes in your project can be lunderstood later when you decide to upgrade.

Means that Microsoft is on our side and it lends it helping hand in times of need.

When you go on a trip you need to learn about you destination and how to get there, check the weather and pack accordingly. Then you need to find a place to sleep over…

It is the same in a project. We need to learn about our client and his goals. Then we need to see what’s already available and set of the route for the project.
Now that we know what’s in our suitcase and where we are headed we call upon our skills and get creative.

During this stage of the project we use our experience and natural awesomeness to give you cool and useful ideas. We create design drafts, proposals and wireframes and use all kinds of other tools which help us grow the idea as you deserve it.
We know how we want things to look, but we have to make them work now. It’s not enough to design the wheel... You have to make it spin.

We have experts in various fields and even though we are cool and free-spirited we are very strict when it comes to following standards which guarantee high quality for our projects. At the end we deliver results.
Ok the wheels are spinning and you are on your way, but you don’t want to travel alone. It’s much better when you have someone to talk to and help you with the map.

We can continue to monitor your project and give you directions on how to get from great to irreplaceable. You and your audience deserve the best experience and we are here to help along the way.

We can help you with:

User Research

User Research

The result of our research is series of user personas (which depict “archetype” users) and scenarios focused on the goals and behaviors of your users.

Business process modeling

Business process modeling

This process enables us to better understand our clients’ internal procedures and allow us to translate this knowledge into automated tools for BPM.

Information Architecture

Information architecture

Key to successful application design is the organization, navigation and accessibility of information. Done well, good IA enables the user to easily find and manage information.



Based on our client needs and available budget we develop lo-fi or hi-fi prototypes which are used for accurate understanding of our client’s needs and for performing usability tests.

Interaction Design

Interaction design

Here our main focus is on making the user’s experience (UX) as simple and intuitive as possible. We analyze simple and complex workflows and develop appropriate interaction schemas.

Visual mockup

Visual mockups

Visual mockups capture the potential final look, presenting the brand image use. Mocks show color, type, button styles, links and imagery in context with real content.

Content strategy

Content strategy

We believe that a well-designed site should have relevant and meaningful content. We provide project planning and oversight of the content development process.

Frontend development

Frontend development

We develop websites and web application following the latest web technologies and making sure that our products meet every standard for proper functioning across platform and browsers.

Based on the scope of your project we put together a team which will work directly with you. Our teams are usually small and agile so they quickly adapt to the project or any changes along the way. Your communication won’t go through accounts and you will speak directly to the person responsible for the work being done.

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