Industrial Design

MFS - Industrial Design, 10/2009 Industrial Design Study Program in the Faulty of Mechanical Engineering


4Ward was hired to create a platform where students from 3 partnering faculties in Macedonia, Slovenia and Germany can showcase their portfolios to allow companies to identify potential candidates for internship programs or employment. During our brainstorming sessions with the client we expanded the project to include the faculty staff in the whole story.

Client requirements:

  • Allow students to populate profiles with CV like information and create galleries to upload artwork.
  • Allow professors to create profiles and publish information about courses and attach relevant study materials.
  • Prevent theft of intellectual property.


We proposed usage of the Easyio wCMS for content maintenance and development of a custom application network for supporting a local social network in which the characters are the students, potential employers and faculty staff. And so it was. Students were allowed to create profiles and organize their artwork in galleries. Faculty staff was also able to create profiles and upload course materials and notifications, but was also responsible for moderating content on the student profile pages. Companies were able to register with the website and browse through galleries and use the built in messaging system to establish communication with staff and students. Company registration had to be preapproved by faculty staff so only registered companies were allowed to look at high resolution images in the students’ galleries – a measure introduced to protect the intellectual property


We designed an ASP .NET 4.0 application hosted on an in-house (local faculty server) IIS7 platform. This in-house hosting solution enabled the web site to run fast inside faculty offices and classrooms (the intranet), giving students a fast platform where they could upload their faculty portfolios. We customized our “Eazyio” CMS to the customer needs.


As a result we created a web site with a social networking component which enabled to grow a community in which can check daily for announcements, upload their portfolios and get updated on courses, lectures and available study materials, while being monitored by potential employers.