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Menerga doo, 04/2010 Menerga is air-conditioning and Ventilation Company starting from 1980.


Our client was using a basic Typo3 installation (without a content management interface) to administer content on their existing website. This process was painstaking since they had to hire a web designer for each content upload and thus their website was poorly maintained and imposed constant costs.

Client requirements:

  • Replace Typo3 with a solution which will enable existing (non-technical) staff to update the content in different sections of the website.
  • Follow the corporate brand guidelines to ensure correct brand presentation and consistency in corporate colors and insignia.
  • Create additional content sections and allow Menerga to limit access to certain website sections to registered users.


We implemented our Eazyio wCMS and most of the functionalities required were covered by our existing modules, so minimal custom development was required. The client received our easy to use content management interface and was able to delegate permissions for content editing to different divisions in the company.


We improved the user experience and optimized the interaction processes. Our Eazyio wCMS comes with prebuilt SEO features so we allowed our client to take the site to the next level and work on content optimization for search engines.