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Invest in Macedonia

Invest in Macedonia, 04/2007 Invest Macedonia is the primary government institution supporting foreign investment in the Republic of Macedonia


The first Agency for Foreign Investments in Republic of Macedonia (named MacInvest) was rebranded as Invest Macedonia and started a powerful and global campaign “Invest in Macedonia” for attracting foreign investors. To achieve its goals of presenting the brand and finding and supporting potential investors, the agency required a web site which would present all necessary information regarding the agency and investment opportunities. Since the web site had to offer valid content to any interested party, the main goal of the agency was to keep the content up to date with all the legislative and economical changes in Republic of Macedonia. This required that the personnel are able to streamline daily changes to content.

Create user friendly navigation

The website was expected to be content heavy, so to create a useful user experience for the visitor good information architecture was required.

Streamline the communication between potential investors and the agency personnel

Potential investors had to be able to contact the agency with any inquiry and the agency personnel to be able to escalate the issue to the relevant division or government institution and track the reverse process.

Present available real estates or construction locations on municipal level

The Agency was instructed to create a database of state-owned properties available to potential investors for buying or leasing. So, they required a tool for creating this database for online presentation of these locations to potential investors.

Optimize the site for search engines

A large percentage of the incoming traffic was expected to come from search engines and since the website was content heavy we had to allow its personnel to be able to optimize the content during the creation process.


Our Eazyio CMS was implemented with a moderate level of customization based on our client’s needs. Having in mind the SEO requirements and the busy content creation process we allowed the CMS users to input related meta data during the content creation process. This was done with user friendly interfaces and the process did not require any kind of technical knowledge.

To help the user in navigating through content we created a related content filtering facility. Content metadata was used in the filtering process by intelligent matching of the user query with keywords and content.

We created a “locator” toll for the properties database and grouped the properties based on municipality jurisdiction. To enhance the user experience we implemented an interactive geographic map of Macedonia with municipal borders which was used to access data for available location in each municipality.


The web application was developed using .NET 2.0 and the database used was MSSQL 2005. During the information architecture phase a workgroup was created from 4Ward, InvestMacedonia and TDI (Irish consultants group hired by the Government) staff.


The result was the ability to present the potential investors with information available online 24/7 and streamlining the communication process with potential investors. Not long after launch the website achieved a Google page rank 7.

Lessons learned

In content heavy websites information architecture is the Bible for creating a solid user experience.