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Bassetes Body Map

Bassetes Body Map, 03/2011 Bassetes is British food company


As a part of the Bassets Vitamin Products promotional campaign the client asked us to design and manage an engaging social media campaign for introducing Bassetes as a brand and provide more information about Bassetes products.


Besides the regular social media activities organized and executed by our team we also developed one fun and competitive Facebook games and one graphically engaging presentation of the product portfolio.

The first was a memory game in which the users were competing with the time needed to match all identical tiles on the board. The user was then able to post the result on his/her wall.

The second was a graphically engaging body map with interactive sections. By hovering above certain areas on the body the user was able to get information about vitamin products from Bassets which have effect on organs in that body segment.

Both Facebook applications were developed using Adobe Flash and Action Script 3.