Osten Art

As great art admirer and passionate art collector, through the World Gallery of Cartoons and the World Gallery of Drawing  OSTEN makes room for the artists of the world. Read More


On SALESTARZ.MK you will find offers from many companies in Macedonia that offer various products and services such as restaurants, cafeterias, bars, services, spa and fitness centers, shops and travel agencies. Read More


Shop4parts.mk is an online store that does not have an offline store or warehouse. Everything is automated and linked to the importers \ storehouses.  Read More


Vrabotuvanje.com is a licensed agency for finding employment  in Macedonia,established in 2003 with approval from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. Read More


Vitaminka AD Prilep is a company that works in the food industry creating a wide range of products ranging from sweets to syrups and other suppliments. Read More