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Tikves, 02/2008 Tikves winery is the largest and the most modern winery in the Republic of Macedonia with a total production of 55 million liters.


The main goal of the project was to improve the Tikves brand presence online and the presentation to foreign consumers, by providing visitors with information about the company and the brand, as well as all product lines and products that the winery produces. The visitors were also given insight into all winery’s products concerning their history, tastes and varieties of grapes used in the production process.


Since the winery itself was building their brand image as a company that produces high quality wines, the web site’s design had to stress out the exclusivity of the products. In addition, the web site’s content had to be managed by a CMS solution that would enable the winery to publish news related to the company, present new products and send newsletters to the subscribes containing information they are interested in. We implemented our Eazyio WCMS and most of the modules used to achieve the goal were custom developed, since there were no standard modules included in Eazyio at the time of production of the web site.


This site became a valuable addition to the brand image of Tikves and presented its products and brand and product related news to the wider audience both in Macedonia and in the foreign countries.