Termalift , 09/2006 Termalift was established 40 years ago as a family business. Today it is a regional forklift supplier with more than 50 employees.


  • Create a corporate website to present the company and it years-long tradition.
  • Enable visitors with small or no internet experience to use the tools introduced on the website.
  • Each forklift has a long list of information which needs to be presented on the website. This information has to be structured and enabled for quick filtering.
  • Create a facility for managing a dealership network. Allow dealers to log in to the website and view prices (with custom prices for each dealer), create orders and reserve forklifts.


Having in mind the high level of activity and low IT experience of our client’s sales force it was clear from the beginning that this website has to be supported by an easy to use CMS solution. This is one of our first implementations of our Eazyio CMS.

In 2005 when this project was initiated Eazyio was in its first year of existence and we almost had none pre-developed modules. So the project was mostly custom developed.


The result was a very simple but useful web site managed by CMS and the client benefited from the high level of customization. The site was a success and Termalift was able to streamline orders from the region and beyond.

link: www.termalift.com.mk