Brochure Design

This brochure was designed for the 50th anniversary of USAID in Macedonia. Designing a three language brochure was quite a challenge, but in the end, we successfully managed to come up with an efficient solution.  Read More

Logo Design

My:time required a fresh and interesting logo design, which would properly present this new brand and its products on the market. We achieved that by combining an unusual watch illustration along with suiting typography. Read More

Logo and Stationery Design

Since this logo was developed for an individual instead of a company or organization, we decided to give it a more personal touch. This design reflects the clients personality, looks and attitude, making sure that once someone sees this logo, they instantly develop a picture of who the person behind the logo is. Read More

Brochure Design

Presenting an organizations’ strategy requires a lot of attention to detail and delicate content presentation. We developed this brochure for the Vocational and Educational Center (one of the many World Learning Projects), carefully thinking through the best ways to communicate their strategy for the following 5 years. Read More

Menu Design

When we received the task to design a menu for a patisserie and boulangerie, we just knew it had carry the classy French spirit. We used delicate, gentle forms, left the product photos speak for themselves, and voila, a delicious menu was prepared. Read More