Facebook Campaign

We developed two very important campaigns for FINKI. The first one was focused on the promotion of the Faculty itself once it was established in Macedonia. The second one was intended for the potential students, providing them information about the programs, opportunities on FINKI, as well as direct contact with the Faculty.  Read More

Visual Identity Development

We developed the complete visual identity of the real-estate agency IHNE. Their logo was the starting point of our cooperation, continuing with stationery materials and design and development of their web site. Read More

Visual Identity Development

The new informatics faculty in Macedonia, FINKI required a young and appealing design that would attract their target audience – teenagers and youngsters. We started off with a simple logo design, and continued on developing a set of standards for each type of promotional or official material that the Faculty will publish. Read More

Facebook Strategy

We developed a social media advertising strategy and were responsible for content management of the Pastel Facebook Page for the first phase of the strategy.During those four months we managed to drastically increase the number of fans and interactions on the Page, and create a steady online and offline fan base. Read More

Book of Graphic Standards

We began our cooperation with Mnogoo Media by developing their complete corporate visual identity. Starting with the logo, we designed all basic stationery materials that were needed for the successful start of this new digital media company in Macedonia.

Read More