What to expect

Current job openings:

Junior Web Developer
Office Assistant

Current trainee openings:

IT administrator


We don’t go for anything less than ninja! We don’t want karate kids. We provide great working conditions and want you to grow your skills and personality together with us. We believe in equality between gender, race, nationality and ninja suit color.

Selection process

We won’t make you walk on fire (we know you can) but we will tempt your talent, make you battle the computer and stretch your skills to its limits and beyond.

Our selection process is divided in 5 stages:

Preliminary selection

Go through your application and determine if you are cool and fulfill the requirements for the job you are applying.

Get to know you

We want to meet you in person and hear about you from you. See if you have seen your CV before.

See what you can do

Yes, we will test you. We will put you through a 15-30 min theoretical and practical challenge.

Get to know you a bit more

If you made it to here you get to meet the managers! This is your chance to shine.

Test you

If we hire you we need to see how you roll with our rules and team. If you are good for 3-6 months we make you a friend for life.

Internship program

The aim of our Internship program is to give you an opportunity to gain experience as an employee in real working conditions. You will be given the chance to develop your skills and knowledge with our ninjas, and get a clear vision of the path you have to walk for the career you have chosen.